D1 - CØ Durable Water Repellent

DiOX D1 is a fluro-carbon free (no PFOAs or PFCs) durable water repellent (DWR) coating that can be applied to most fabrics as a finishing chemical.

D1 is based on nano-scale silica dioxide and has the best wash stability available today for a CØ coating.  As companies move to eradicate Fluro-Carbons from their products and supply chain DiOX D1 plugs the gap by leaving C4 and C6 technology whilst not compromising on performance

D1 Uses

D1 is the best performing coating for hydrophobic needs.  D1 can be applied to both synthetic and natural fibers and application areas include:

  • Outer-shell breathable fabrics where ‘wetting out’ will adversely affect breathability
  • Casual apparel to offer water repellent everyday wear with good wash durability
  • Performance sportswear to enhance water-resistance and fast wicking

D1 has superior wash durability in tests up to 50 Washes (ISO6330:2012)


D1 Performance

D1 has been tested by independent labs (SGS) with a range of fabrics.  The results have been outstanding and D1 is without a shadow of a doubt a world leader in DWR coatings

D1 Performance Graphs – AATCC 22 Water Repellency

D1 Application

The DiOX finish is applied as the final wet processing step in the production process.  Following impregnation of the fabric, drying and curing of the fabric fix the DiOX

D1 Certification

  • Oeko-Tex 1
  • Non-Hazmat
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