D3 – Reduced C6 Water and Oil Repellent

DiOX D3 is a reduce carbon hydrophobic and oleophobic fabric coating that will bond to any substrate material, both natural and man-made fibres.

Based on the award winning nano-scale SiO2 technology, D3 has a minimal amount of C6 booster to give it oleophobic properties.

When compared with other fluorocarbon-based fabric DWR chemicals, DiOX D3 contains less than 50% of the C6.  Combined with a cross linker, D3 will continue to perform up to 50 washes according to both AATCC22 and AATCC118.  D3 is non-hazardous and in OEKO-tex class 1.  DiOX can be applied in bath/pad or spray with zero detriment (colour or touch) to the host material and can be combined with other finishing chemicals, including flame retardant treatments.

D3 Uses

D3 has been developed to give fabric oil and water resistance whilst still maintaining the highest environmental standards

  • Military, emergency services, first responders
  • Outdoor workwear

D3 Performance

D3 Performance Graphs – AATCC 22 Water Repellency
D3 Performance Graphs – AATCC 118 Oil/Hydrocarbon Repellency